Heavy Metal Detox

KeLatox  In today’s world, the question is not whether you are toxic with heavy metals, but how toxic.  Traditionally, the remedy has been intravenous EDTA chelation therapy.  This is done in a doctor’s office over several days or weeks at great expense.  KeLATOX now allows this effective chelation therapy to be a do-it-yourself program.  KeLATOX is a rectal suppository of EDTA that is implanted nightly at bedtime.  The duration is generally 90 days.  Thereafter, the product can be used approximately once every one or two weeks as maintenance.  Heavy metals are the most important toxins to remove from our bodies.  You must supplement with a quality mineral supplement since some minerals will be chelated out of the body during this detox.  Use IntraMIN organic (carbon based) liquid mineral supplement.  Also consider ZETPIL Reduced Glutathione suppositories during this protocol.  They will support the heavy metal detox and help buffer the released toxins.  If you really want the chance for healthy, ageless living, this protocol is a must.  Don’t forget to avoid common sources of heavy metals and consider dental revision to remove sources of heavy metal toxicity.  See Hal Huggins, DDS, M.S. link, and my article section. 

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